Thief River Falls Minnesota spent most of the day without phone and internet service unless you happen to be on Sjobergs cable internet service. Lucky for me I am so my internet is working fine at home. Basically, if you tried to call anyone by using a land line or call anyone on their land line you got the message "all circuits are busy". ATM machines are down as well as DSL internet connections. It started earlier today when I noticed that the phones and internet went down at work. Right away I called into Century link to report our systems as being down. While I was talking to a technician at Century link he told me that another technician had just told him that he had already received calls from other business's in Thief River Falls. After hearing this I realized the problem was wide spread and not just affecting our business.
Thief River Falls spent most of the day without wired communications and after talking to a few other business associates they report that some of their customers using AT&T cellphones were complaining that their cellphones were down as well. I am on Verizon and so far today we have not seen any interruption in our service. As of 5:00pm CST the phone lines were still down in Thief River Falls.