Another Thief River Falls business closes it's doors soon

After serving the Thief River Falls and surrounding area for more than a 100 years another business in Thief River Falls will be closing it's doors soon. I can't say a whole lot about this right now other then there will be more information when all the details are worked out.

Northland Taxi changes owners

Northland Taxi Thief River Falls Minnesota

Starting on July 1st, 2015 Northland Taxi will be under new management when Randall Anenson takes the reins of company. One of the first changes Randy has planned for Northland Taxi is to change the hours of operation. Starting on July 1st Northland Taxi will be open 24 hours a day seven days a week. Other changes include adding a contact form on the new website and monitoring the Facebook page. Randy is also planning on adding a cellphone number as an additional method to contact Northland Taxi.

A Technological Break Down

Thief River Falls Minnesota spent most of the day without phone and internet service unless you happen to be on Sjobergs cable internet service. Lucky for me I am so my internet is working fine at home. Basically, if you tried to call anyone by using a land line or call anyone on their land line you got the message "all circuits are busy". ATM machines are down as well as DSL internet connections. It started earlier today when I noticed that the phones and internet went down at work. Right away I called into Century link to report our systems as being down.

Update in progress

Ronnie McBride "" is switching to Drupal as the new CMS for it's website. We have just finished installing Drupal but in the next few days we will be fine tuning the Drupal installation and designing a new theme. In the past this website was hand coded with HTML5, PHP and CSS3 but that has turned out to be time consuming and a lot of work. Right now I am switching three of my websites to Drupal. Of the other two domains one was running VBulletin and the other WordPress.

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